Looking Up

After a long winter of mostly gray skies, we are enjoying seeing sunshine once again. Whether walking the streets of a city or hiking the trails in the mountains, it is very common to take photos looking skyward. Sometimes it is because it is the only way to capture a building in the narrow streets… Read More Looking Up

A Cautionary Tale

We are not necessarily risk takers, but we have found ourselves in some situations that have tested us. Whether white water rafting, trekking into the jungle, or hiking to the top of a mountain, we take all necessary precautions to hopefully avert disaster. We have had a couple of close calls, but fortunately are here… Read More A Cautionary Tale

Two Thousand Years of History in Single Monument

We saw a wide variety of interesting monuments, fountains, and statues during our recent time in Europe. Of particular interest was a monument in Koblenz, Germany, that depicts 2000 years of the city’s history in a single fountain/monument called Historiensäule. Each ring of the monument depicts different eras of the city’s history and is quite fascinating.… Read More Two Thousand Years of History in Single Monument