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A Busy Few Weeks Ahead

Travel can be exciting and fun, but when it is for work, it can also be stressful and tedious. During the month of November, we will be on the road for three out of four weeks. Two of these will … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

We have been fortunate to have had many great mentors throughout our lives who have imparted words of wisdom to us that have molded our thoughts and actions.  Most of the best advice that we’ve received apply to all parts … Continue reading

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Our Love Affair with Cabo San Lucas

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. Two weeks after our youngest daughter moved off to college, we boarded a plane and flew to Cabo. It wasn’t that we didn’t miss her, it was just that … Continue reading

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Daily Post Discover Challenge – Witness

Like most people, we are nature lovers and try to keep in touch with nature even when we’re not travelling. We have bird feeders in our backyard and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels that congregate daily to partake in … Continue reading

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7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 5

We were nominated by fellow blogger, ProjectRelish, for a seven-day photo challenge, so we will be posting one of our nature pictures every day for the next seven days. For day 5, we decided to turn our attention towards the … Continue reading

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Plenty To Be Thankful For

If you’re asking yourself “where do I want to travel next” instead of “where is my next meal coming from”, then, like us, you have an awful lot to be thankful about. Neither of our families travelled much when we … Continue reading

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Cabo San Lucas

We’ve been home from Cabo San Lucas for a little over a week now and we’re already going through withdrawal.  We’ve had one blizzard since getting home and are expecting snow on Thanksgiving, so the sun and beach seem like … Continue reading

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Give and You Will Receive

It definitely isn’t true all of the time, but generally speaking, if you’re willing to give, you will get just as much in return. This is true whether it is just about being nice to the people around you or … Continue reading

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All Inclusive – Do You Get Your Money’s Worth?

We’re a week away from flying down to Cabo for a week of sun and relaxation, which is perfect timing since the temperatures in Colorado have decided to tumble.  One of the decisions that we have left to make is … Continue reading

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The Draw of Something Familiar

We love going to places that we’ve never visited before and learning about the different cultures.  Sometimes, however, it is nice to revisit a place that you’ve been to several times before.  We are heading back to Cabo San Lucas … Continue reading

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