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The Grandeur of Ancient Columns

Thousands of years ago, stone columns were created to replace wooden ones that were susceptible to fire and rotting. Despite their original purpose, simply to bear the load of the roof overhead, they have since become works of art. They … Continue reading

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The Domes of Rome

When traveling throughout Europe, the domes of cathedrals tower above the cities. Rome, however, seems to have more than its fair share of domes that dominate the skyline. It isn’t just the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, domes seem to … Continue reading

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A Show of National Pride

One of the things that seems universal about traveling is that residents of a country, region, or city are fiercely proud of their country and culture. Even if they aren’t particularly pleased with the people in government at the time, … Continue reading

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Capturing History Through the Written Word

In this digital age, we actually still are fans of owning physical books that we can open and read. Throughout history, the sharing of stories by writing them down has been an important part of preserving knowledge about the cultures … Continue reading

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When the People Move On

No matter where you travel, you will often find towns and cities where the people have left in large numbers because they couldn’t make a living where they were. They aren’t necessarily ghost towns, but they will be in time … Continue reading

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Making an Effort to Get the View

We all love those panoramic photos with breathtaking views, but it is often a struggle to get to the location to take those pictures. Whether hiking to the top of a large mountain, making your way up a steep set … Continue reading

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Traveling Can Make You Appreciate Your Life

There are times, when you travel to certain locations, when you realize how lucky you really are. Sure, on some trips you go to places with palaces and temples of gold that can make you dream of a pampered life. … Continue reading

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Going With the Flow

We have mentioned previously that we don’t always spend a ton of time planning for a trip and there are other times that we do. We had been going back and forth on where to go for our first big … Continue reading

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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

Have you ever had a flight delayed or cancelled and had to go to the airline desk to see about getting on another flight? People can be so rude and angry with the staff at the desk who had nothing … Continue reading

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Traveling to New Places is Addictive

There are many reasons to travel from understanding different cultures, learning about history, seeing the natural beauty of the world, to many more. One of the more selfish reasons for traveling and going to new places around the world is … Continue reading

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