Seeing Unusual Animals During Travels

There are some places where you expect to see some unusual animals, such as when going to the jungle or desert. Some places are associated with certain animals, so they often use them as part of tourist attractions, like riding a camel or seeing a snake charmer. Other times, it is simply a random event where you just happen to see animals in their natural environment as part of a hike. We have certainly seen our fair share of different animals, some of them cute and some of them not so much. Whenever we see animals, we do our best to get a photograph of them, with varying results. Do you take photographs of animals during your travels?

Mountain Goats
Three-Toed Tree Sloth
Adorable Baby Monkey
Llama on Moon Island in Bolivia
Agouti in Panama
Camel in Egypt
Snake Charmer in Morocco
Bird on the Porch of Our Eco Lodge
Tarantula Crawling Out of a Tree
Blurry Picture of Giant River Otters in the Amazon Jungle

Colorful Flowers Around the World

Regardless of where we travel to, whenever we see a beautiful flower we tend to take a close-up picture of it. We have been to many tropical locations, which have amazing flowers, but we see beautiful flowers in the hearts of cities as well. Obviously we also see wild flowers along the trails during our hikes. What we love about the close-up pictures is how it often captures the contrasting colors within the flower petals. We have included many of our favorite flowers here. Do you take photographs of flowers that you come across during your travels?

Beautiful Wildflower
White and Red Orchid
Flowers in the Jungle
Yellow Wildflowers
Tropical Flower
Colorful Flower in Ecuador
Butterfly on a Flower
Very Unique
Flower in the Jungle of Panama
Flowers in a Park
Bright Orange Flowers
Purple Wildflower
Interesting Yellow Wildflower
Tropical Flower in Panama


How Does Traveling Make You Feel?

You will likely go through a wide range of emotions when you travel, especially when going to someplace that you’ve never been to before. It starts as you begin to plan your trip, there can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. Depending upon the distance you are traveling, during the actual travel there can be frustration over delays, lack of sleep, rude and inconsiderate other travelers, and uncomfortable conditions. Perhaps there will be jet lag and some disorientation upon your arrival, especially in places that are culturally different than your own. At this point, it is likely that the excitement will return as you start to discover the place that you’ve chosen to visit. With all of that said, as we look back at photographs of ourselves during our travels, we can see the genuine happiness in our smiles. If we had to sum up how travel makes us feel, it would definitely be happy and perhaps a sense of being complete. Despite a little depression when a trip comes to an end, it soon turns back to the enjoyment of planning something new. What emotions do you experience as you travel?

Enjoying the Temples in Egypt
Making Friends in Bolivia
Standing on the Rim of a Volcano in Ecuador
Standing in Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) in Transylvania
Sitting at a Restaurant in the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain