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Driving Across Water

In order to get to Copacabana on Lake Titicaca from La Paz, Bolivia, you have to take a ferry across a portion of lake. While you obviously don’t drive across the lake, it was fascinating to see large buses being … Continue reading

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Sightseeing River Cruises

A great way to see a city from a different perspective is to take a sightseeing river cruise. We have taken several over the years and have enjoyed each of them. We have taken them during the day as well … Continue reading

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Getting Around with a View

Cable cars are a great mode of transportation, especially when you need to scale great heights over difficult terrain. Not only does it provide a much easier way to reach difficult destinations, but it also usually provides spectacular views. Whether … Continue reading

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We Miss the European Rail System

Being back in the United States for a couple of months now, there are several things that we miss about our time in Europe. One of the most profound things that we miss is the train system and how easy … Continue reading

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Flying into Frankfurt

The airport in Frankfurt, Germany, is definitely one of the busiest airports in the world. We had flown through Frankfurt before heading there last fall, but really hadn’t given it a lot of thought. So, when we flew into Frankfurt … Continue reading

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Arial Transportation

When we were in Bolivia, we loved the use of cable cars as a mode of transportation. Not only are they efficient and inexpensive, but they provide wonderful views of the city. Especially in La Paz, which is a city … Continue reading

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The Shops of Marbella

We really enjoyed walking the tiny shops in the resort town of Marbella, Spain. For Cee’s Which Way Challenge this week, we decided to share a couple of photos of the narrow streets with the gorgeous tile sidewalks. We ended … Continue reading

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge – View from the Trail

We had so much fun with this challenge last week that we decided to go ahead and do it again. There is a tremendous amount of diversity when hiking the trails of Colorado. All of these photos were taken on … Continue reading

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge

We haven’t participated in this challenge before, but when we were going through some pictures of Iceland the other day we came across a photo that seemed perfect. The purpose of this challenge is to show photographs that depict the … Continue reading

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