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Winding Your Way Through the Mountains

Living in a place that is surrounded by mountains, one thing that is clear is that the shortest distance between two places is not a straight line. Roads have to twist and wind based upon the contour of the land. … Continue reading

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Frozen in Time

Have you ever wished that you could stop time? For those of you who are old enough to remember, there was an old Twilight Zone show where a man has a magical stop watch that will freeze time for everyone … Continue reading

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The Places Where You Never Thought You Would Go

When we were children, many of us dreamed of what it would like to be an explorer and to visit strange and unknown lands. Then we grew up and as we like to say, life got in the way. So … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload in Chennai, India

It is hard to describe to people the overall sensation of what it was like when we arrived in Chennai during our visit to India several years ago. With that many people living in one place, around 8.5 million people, … Continue reading

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Travel is not Always Easy

We, like many of you, spend a lot of our time thinking about and planning our next trip. Unfortunately, here in the United States, it isn’t as easy to get to places as it is in some other parts of … Continue reading

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Creating a Photo Diary

Almost everyone takes photographs when they are traveling, but there is a difference between taking photographs at each location that you visit and capturing the experience as a whole. If you take photographs as you walk around a city and … Continue reading

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Traveling on Spaceship Earth

As you travel to various parts of the world, you begin to realize that the planet that we live on has some strange and fascinating features due to the forces that created it. There are definitely places that we have … Continue reading

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Are You in Other People’s Travel Photos?

When taking photos of popular places while traveling, it is hard not to get other tourists in your photos. Although we always try to take pictures in a way that avoids the crowds, sometimes there just isn’t a way to … Continue reading

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Sweet Memories

We are firm believers that if you stay young at heart, you will have a happier life in general. We try to stay energetic and push our boundaries wherever possible. We also try to view the places that we visit … Continue reading

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Another Colorado Sunset

One of the things that we love about living in Colorado are the incredible sunsets that we get from time to time. We enjoy seeing sunsets wherever we go, but there is something about seeing a sunset from your own … Continue reading

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