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Are You in Other People’s Travel Photos?

When taking photos of popular places while traveling, it is hard not to get other tourists in your photos. Although we always try to take pictures in a way that avoids the crowds, sometimes there just isn’t a way to … Continue reading

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Sweet Memories

We are firm believers that if you stay young at heart, you will have a happier life in general. We try to stay energetic and push our boundaries wherever possible. We also try to view the places that we visit … Continue reading

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Another Colorado Sunset

One of the things that we love about living in Colorado are the incredible sunsets that we get from time to time. We enjoy seeing sunsets wherever we go, but there is something about seeing a sunset from your own … Continue reading

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Getting Fresh Food at a Local Food Market

Regardless of where you live, getting fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and other items from local farmers is definitely worth the effort. During our time in Germany, we came to rely on the market to get fresh produce, but also to … Continue reading

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Getting Away from the Maddening Crowds

Traveling is often a case of going to places that attract large crowds and long lines. It is an unavoidable consequence of going to places that are popular with other tourists and it certainly doesn’t mean that those places should … Continue reading

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Surviving the Passages of Time

Traveling, especially throughout Europe, allows you to see how difficult it is to keep time from eroding everything that is man made. Rain, wind, hail, sleet, and snow take their toll on everything from buildings, bridges, monuments, and statues. Of … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2017

This has been an interesting year with a lot of changes including moving back to the United States and changing jobs. We visited seven different countries including the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, France, Romania, Ireland, and Ecuador. We enjoyed each of … Continue reading

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Trying to Make it to the Top

Everyone wants success in life, both personal and professional, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. Obviously it takes hard work and perseverance, but sometimes it takes a little luck as well. As we near the end of the year, … Continue reading

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Don’t Take Life, or Travel, Too Seriously

Life in general, and especially travel, can be overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. There is a temptation to get caught up in the minutia of daily activities, the worry about missing out on something special, or just generally feeling like something … Continue reading

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Details of the Basilica in Quito, Ecuador

We had heard that we could get wonderful views of Quito by climbing to the top of the towers of the Basilica del Voto Nacional, so we made sure to put that on our itinerary. The architecture of the church … Continue reading

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