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The Food of Carlsbad, California

Located on the coast of southern California, Carlsbad has a combination of food styles that makes it a great food destination. First of all, being on the coast, seafood is a staple at many of the restaurants and there are … Continue reading

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Salmon with a Capers and Honey Sauce

Salmon is a wonderful fish to have throughout the year. It is strong enough to hold up to a variety of flavors, so we decided to do a variation of a sauce that we saw on a cooking show. We … Continue reading

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Visiting an Indigenous Amazonian Village

The Napo Wildlife Center in the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador is actually owned and operated by a local Amazonian tribe. As part of the experience of staying at the eco lodge, you get to visit the village where the … Continue reading

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Sampling Food in Colorado Springs

There are a variety of restaurants in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, which means you can find something for any taste. Most of the restaurants are independently owned and each of them has its own unique style. We were only downtown … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy when Traveling

Regardless of the length of the trip or the exotic nature of the location, it is always difficult to eat healthy when traveling. Whether it is having to grab a quick bite at the airport or train station, eating a … Continue reading

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Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

We had been to Chicago several times before visiting the Shedd Aquarium, but we were glad that we finally made our way to this attraction. The aquarium hosts an amazing variety of species of both saltwater and freshwater fish and … Continue reading

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Pan Fried Tilapia with Oven Roasted Asparagus

We try to have some sort of seafood every week and tilapia is a mild fish that is easy to prepare and typically inexpensive.  We cooked this as a weeknight dinner because it is quick and easy, but also very … Continue reading

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The Food of Iceland

We actually ate more on this trip than we usually do. Perhaps it was because we love seafood or just because every day was a long day of exploring the beautiful landscapes. We definitely wanted to try authentic Icelandic fare, … Continue reading

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