Geysir on the Golden Circle in Iceland

One of the highlights of the Golden Circle, which is a loop that takes you to several key tourist sights near Reykjavik in Iceland, is Gysir. It is a geyser that erupts every few minutes, often very dramatically, as well as a hot springs area with mud pits. Crowds gather around to watch Geysir as it bubbles and surges until it finally sprays hot water and steam hundreds of feet into the air. The area has been active for over a thousand years and there are many smaller thermal pots in addition to the impressive Gysir.

It is More Dramatic Standing Away from Geysir
Steam and Warm Ground Due to Thermal Activity Below the Ground
You Can See the Power as Geysir Begins to Erupt
Little Geysir

Upon arriving to the parking area, you will join large crowds that gather around the geyser to wait and watch for it to erupt. Visiting Geysir during the winter months will really give you a sense of how much the thermal activity effects the area as you go from a completely frozen landscape to one with vegetation and steam coming from the ground all around you. We are sure that it is equally dramatic at other times of year, but the contrast between the ice and snow to the steaming mud pits and grassy areas was quite fascinating.

Dramatic Eruption
Boiling Water
Crowds Gathering
Building Up to a Larger Eruption

As you stand around Geysir waiting for its next eruption, the bubbling and boiling of the water in the mouth of the geyser is almost mesmerizing to watch. Waves of water roll out towards the edges as the water literally seems to boil. We watched several smaller eruptions that only went several feet into the air, although you could still sense the power of the geyser, until finally the main attraction occurred and Geysir spewed water and steam hundreds of feet into the air. We have seen other geysers, including Old Faithful in Yellowstone, but seeing the power of Geysir was certainly an incredible sight.

Little Geysir Eruption – Not as Dramatic as the Big Geysir
Getting Closer to the Big Eruption
Another Mini-Eruption
Contrasting Landscapes


Sometimes It is About the Small Things

We very much enjoy seeing cityscapes, landscapes, enormous churches, bridges, and other substantial views during our travels. These sights can be breathtaking and are definitely the highlights of many of our trips. Sometimes, though, seeing some of the smaller details is just as memorable. Whether seeing the details in artwork, architecture, or focusing on a single flower, there is a lot of beauty that is on a smaller scale. We can look back at any of our travels and point to times where we saw and captured photos of intricate details that bring back fond memories of the place that we were visiting. Our trip to Iceland was definitely a trip with substantial landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, lava covered beaches, huge geysers, and other amazing scenery. In addition to those grand sights, there were trickling streams, frozen pools, bubbling hot springs, and smaller lava features that were just as fascinating. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, things that start with the letter I, we have chosen a few photos from Iceland that focus on some of the smaller details.

Stream in the National Park
Little Geyser
Lava Rocks
Frozen Pool

The Land of Fire and Ice

We have had several friends visit Iceland recently and have enjoyed seeing their images, which are from the spring and summer, although they are completely different than the Iceland that we saw.┬áIt is amazing how the time of year that you visit a location can dramatically effect the opinions that you might have of that place. If we could, we would visit places in every season of the year, just to see the differences. What we enjoyed about visiting Iceland in the winter was that it truly illustrated that nickname of the land of fire and ice is truly deserved. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Hot and/or Cold and watching the geysers erupt on the Golden Circle is a wonderful memory that evokes that wonderful contradiction in our minds. Nature provides such magical experiences.

The Famous Geysir
Coming to a Boil
Blowing Off Some Steam
Geysir Erupting
Fire and Ice