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Catamount Trail in Green Mountain Falls

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so we decided to get up into the mountains and go for a hike. We drove to the quaint town of Green Mountain Falls to hike the Catamount Trail, which is a trail that … Continue reading

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The Versatile NeatPack

Every now and then, we come across a product for traveling that we want to share our thoughts about. When it comes to having something to carry around everything you need while touring a city or even going on a … Continue reading

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Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend so we took advantage of it to go on a short hike. This was our first time hiking the Red Rock Canyon Open Space, which is located between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, … Continue reading

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Summer in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies is definitely a time of extremes and this year has been no different. In the front range of Colorado, March and April are actually the snowiest months, not the typical winter months. In the past thirty … Continue reading

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Rugged Beauty

There are many beautiful things about the mountains of Colorado and sometimes they aren’t always the typical scenery. As you hike in the Rockies, you often come across trees that have died or fallen down due to storms. While this … Continue reading

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We have been spending most of our time visiting cities and towns all around Germany and starting to spread out into more areas of Europe in general. We have not lived in a city for a long time, spending most … Continue reading

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Discovering Yourself Through Travel

When we were young, we read stories and saw movies about Native Americans going on vision quests. A journey into the wilderness with nothing but a bow and arrow where they were to survive in the harshest of conditions until … Continue reading

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Mount Falcon Park

We decided to head up to go hiking near Morrison, Colorado, which is a small town just outside of Denver. It is the home of the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, but we were there to get up into the mountains … Continue reading

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The Wildflowers of Colorado

One of our favorite things about hiking during the summer in Colorado are all of the beautiful wildflowers. It doesn’t matter if we’re hiking in the mountains or just taking one of the various trails that run through the neighborhoods, … Continue reading

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What is a Canopy Tour?

During our trip to Bolivia, we scheduled a canopy tour during our stay outside of the Carrasco National Forest. Perhaps it was just naivety on our part, but we thought that the canopy tour was going to be some sort … Continue reading

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