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Christmas Markets in Europe

We were told by many people about how wonderful the Christmas markets in Germany and other places would be and they were certainly right. Whether in our home town at the time, Frankfurt, or some of the places we visited … Continue reading

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Spending Christmas in Prague

As we mentioned, we decided to go to Prague over the Christmas weekend since we didn’t have any family in town. We still have another day before we fly back to Frankfurt, but it has been a wonderful time. Apparently … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Christmas Cookie

Being here in Germany, away from family and friends, we are missing the normal exchanging of gifts that would normally occur. We decided to do something personal for the friends that we have made since arriving and chose to bake … Continue reading

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Christmas Markets and Traveling in Germany

We had heard a lot about how wonderful the Christmas markets would be before we ever left the United States to spend some time here in Germany. Even though the markets are just now being put together in Frankfurt and … Continue reading

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JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Spooky

We have always been very big into celebrating Halloween, literally spending weeks decorating inside and out. It seems to be fairly unique to the United States as to how much adults get into the spirit of the season (pun intended). … Continue reading

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Our Fondue Tradition

When the kids were growing up, we started the tradition to fondue on New Year’s Eve and watch a marathon of movies. We would pick movies that had multiple movies in the series like Harry Potter, The Pirates of the … Continue reading

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Herb Roasted Game Hens with Pancetta

When entertaining, we will often serve game hens so that everyone can have their own hen. For this recipe, we served them whole, but when having guests over, we will usually cut the hens in half so that it is … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vegas

We have a couple of timeshares and last year we had a week that we had to use or we would lose it, so we decided to avoid the normal family drama of the holidays and go to Vegas.  We … Continue reading

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