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Christmas in New Orleans

We decided to spend our holiday week in New Orleans, Louisiana, and it was definitely an enjoyable trip. We stayed in the French Quarter and spent our days wandering the streets, doing some tours, and eating wonderful meals. New Orleans … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Food and Drink

It is that time of year when holiday parties are in full swing and generally people allow themselves a little bit of indulgences. There are a few favorites that we enjoy almost every year, whether at home or on the … Continue reading

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The Christmas Markets of Vienna, Austria

There are many reasons to visit the historic city of Vienna in Austria, but planning a trip in November will treat you with the extra treat of the Christmas markets. The markets in Vienna start in the middle of November, … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Holiday Meal Tradition?

We have mentioned before that we have certain meals that we always eat during the different holidays. On Christmas Day, we always have prime rib and Yorkshire pudding, which is typically an English tradition, but we have adopted it for … Continue reading

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Traveling Over the Holidays – the Good and the Bad

Whether traveling to see family or traveling just to see a new place, there is good and bad about being on the road during the holidays. We are definitely the type of people who love being surrounded by holiday decorations, … Continue reading

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Do Not Abandon All Hope

To say that the last twelve months has been interesting would be an understatement. Not just for the personal changes that have occurred, but equally for everything that has happened in the world. As we have mentioned, our site is … Continue reading

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What Matters During the Holidays

We have several holiday traditions that we celebrate from year to year, but they aren’t what truly matters during this festive season. Regardless of where we are, it always comes down to caring, sharing, compassion, and family. This week’s Daily … Continue reading

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