Amsterdam from Above

We were fortunate that our hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, had incredible views of the city from its rooftop lounge. Seeing the labyrinth of buildings from above is always a wonderful way to get a true sense of a city. We have mentioned previously that we almost always try to see the places that we visit from both the street level as well as from a tall building, tower, hill, or even cable car. This was definitely true of the places that we visited while we were in Europe, so when this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge came out with Atop, we had plenty of cities to choose from. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these views as much as we did.

View of the Harbour
The City Divided by Canals
Cathedral Towers
The Skyline Explained with the Actual Skyline in the Background
Across from the Train Station
Industrial Center


Making the Most of a Few Days in Amsterdam

Once again we took advantage of the opportunity to travel from Frankfurt and took a four-hour train ride to Amsterdam. We were lucky that the weather cooperated for the most part, although we did have one really rainy day. There was a lot to see and absorb in the few days that we had and we felt that we were able to truly gain a sense of the history and culture of the fascinating city. We want to share everything that we learned and talk about the highlights of the trip, but we are already planning our final trip for our stay in Frankfurt. We apologize for the brevity of our posts in recent weeks, so we want to assure everyone that we will be providing much greater details in the coming weeks and months when we are no longer traveling every weekend while working every weekday. With that in mind, here are a few photos from our visit to Amsterdam.

One of the Many Canals
Dominating the Skyline
Beautiful Architecture
There are a lot of Bridges
There are a lot of Canal Tours
There is Wonderful Architecture all over Amsterdam