Walking on Fallen Leaves

During autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, we love taking walks among the fallen leaves. Especially when there is a slight breeze and the leaves fall all around you. If the leaves are dry, the soft crunch as you walk along the trail or sidewalk makes for a relaxing background noise. It can be very colorful seeing all of the leaves spread all across the ground. It is no wonder that it is something that we revisit again and again in our photographs as it invokes such strong memories both visually as well as with the other senses. When looking at photographs like these, it is almost as if you can feel the breeze, smell the autumn air, and even hear the rustling of the leaves overhead.

Tree Lined Sidewalk
Entrance to a Castle Covered in Leaves
Leaves in a Park in Warwick
Cool Temperatures and Fallen Leaves
Colorado Trail
Walking Along the Rhine River
Leaves Blowing on the Sidewalk
Leaves Beneath the Trees


Mueller State Park in Colorado

We certainly love hiking in Colorado and one of our favorite destinations is Mueller State Park, which is in Divide. We always plan a trip for this time of year as the Aspen leaves turn to a vibrant golden-yellow. We are a few weeks away from our annual pilgrimage, but we have gone hiking in the park at least a dozen times over the years. Any time of year when the ground isn’t covered with snow is a great time to visit the park and there are trails to suit any level of hiker. There are also camping sites, but we would highly recommend making reservations in advance as they often book up during the busy seasons.

Aspen Grove
Beautiful Scenery
Snow in the Distance
Aspen Tree

One of the reasons that we like hiking in Mueller State Park is that it has beautiful views of what we in Colorado Springs consider to be the backside of Pikes Peak. We have seen many different animals during our visits including deer and elk, but seeing wild turkeys was definitely one of our favorite memories. It is always a good idea to stop at the visitor center and talk to the rangers there about what trails to hike and which ones to avoid. Bears usually get active as winter approaches and they start foraging to store fat for their hibernation.

Wild Turkeys
View from a Hike
Colorful Aspen Trees
The Elk Rub Their Antlers Against the Trees

We certainly enjoy the beautiful autumn colors from many different places around the world and we will always remember how beautiful it was traveling down the Rhine River in Germany with all of the colorful trees. There is, however, something special about the vibrant colors of the Aspen trees against the backdrop of the pine trees and dark boulders. We would certainly recommend that anyone visiting Colorado Springs, if you have the time to make the 50 minute drive, go to Mueller State Park. Even if you don’t get out and hike, just driving through the park and seeing the incredible scenery is well worth it.

Autumn in Koblenz
Trees Starting to Change
Not Just Colorful Trees
Hiking in the Park


How Do You Get Noticed?

Even if you are a wallflower or not, there are times when you want to be noticed. Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments, whether personal or work related, we all need validation of what we’ve achieved. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the acknowledgement that we are hoping for and sometimes it seems as though people only notice when things go wrong. Although we should all have a sense of humility, there are times when you have to subtly bring attention to the things that you are proud of. It is human nature to want to be seen, to stand out in the crowd, perhaps even to be the center of attention at times. Maybe it isn’t just human nature, but just part of nature itself. The trees in these photos seem to be trying to grab everyone’s attention as if to say “look at me”. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Mother Nature and learn to let ourselves stand out and accept some praise.

Pink Tree in Bloom in the Amazon
Beautiful Foliage in Koblenz
Aspen Leaves on Snow Covered Trail
Majestic Tree in England
Colorful Tree in Heidelberg
Colorful Aspen Grove
Standing Out in the Jungle
Colorful Tree in Ecuador from the River