Boulder Scrambling

If you go hiking on some of the more difficult trails, you are likely to reach points in the trail where you end having to scramble over the boulders. Scrambling is when the trail requires you to use both your hands and feet to climb over boulder fields and steep inclines. For the most part, it is actually easier going up then coming down when vertigo can make finding your footholds more difficult. Although we don’t scramble as much as we used to, it is still often worth the effort as you are usually rewarded with amazing views. Needless to say, trails that require you to scramble across boulders are usually less frequented, so you will likely have the trail to yourself. This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Piles or Stacks, so we have included some photos of boulders piled up to try and deter us from moving forward.

Heading Back Down
Some Difficult Hiking
Worth the Views
Mountain Goats Make it Look Easy
Boulders on the Shore
Don’t Trip
Sometimes Treacherous
Exhausted Smile, Pile of Boulders in the Background


Colorado Sunsets

We have always enjoyed the amazing sunsets that we’ve been able to see here in Colorado. There is something truly magical about watching the sun go down behind the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, it is just as spectacular as seeing the sun set over the ocean. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Earth and we thought we would celebrate the beauty of one of our favorite sunsets from 2015, a couple of months before we first started our blog.

Sunset From Our Old House
So Colorful
Towards the End of the Sunset
Beautiful Silhouette
The Clouds are the Stars of the Show
From a Different Sunset
One Last View


Daily Post Photo Challenge – Cherry on Top

Living in Colorado provides the opportunity to get out and see some gorgeous scenery.  We love to get out and go hiking and immerse ourselves in nature, but the icing on the cake is that sometimes we don’t need to go any farther than our own front porch.  This photo was taken from the front of our house not that long ago, but we see similar sunsets all of the time.

Just Another Sunset ☺
Just Another Sunset ☺