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Asian Inspired Spicy Barbeque Beef

We are always looking for meals that we can cook in a single pot and this one packs a lot of flavor. We chose a chuck roast, but it would be equally good with a beef brisket, but you need … Continue reading

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Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy

We definitely had a variety of schnitzels while we were living in Germany.  One of the first ones that we had was considered a Hunter’s Schnitzel, so we decided to do a version of that for ourselves. Generally speaking, schnitzel … Continue reading

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Sausage Alfredo with Rainbow Pasta

We were in Boulder over the weekend and found a little store with authentic European curiosities.  While we were in the Italian section, we found a rainbow pasta that we decided that we just had to buy.  When we got … Continue reading

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Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Roasted Vegetables

One of our favorite steak restaurants, Cowboy Star, has a butcher shop on site where they sell the same aged meats that they serve in the dining room.  We had been to the farmer’s market in the morning and had gathered … Continue reading

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