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The Forces of Nature

As you travel and see different parts of the world, seeing the way that nature has shaped the land that we live on is amazing to see. Water shapes the land through erosion both from rivers as well as the … Continue reading

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Tips for Hiking in the Colorado Mountains

One of the things that we enjoy about living in Colorado is our access to a wide variety of trails to go hiking. Especially during the summer when the wildflowers are blooming and getting into the mountains can be a … Continue reading

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Aim for Your Goals

If you don’t set any goals for yourself, how can you know if you are making progress to whatever you deem as success? Goals help you remain focused and moving towards your desired target. It is important to revisit and … Continue reading

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Catamount Trail in Green Mountain Falls

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so we decided to get up into the mountains and go for a hike. We drove to the quaint town of Green Mountain Falls to hike the Catamount Trail, which is a trail that … Continue reading

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The Land of Fire and Ice

We have had several friends visit Iceland recently and have enjoyed seeing their images, which are from the spring and summer, although they are completely different than the Iceland that we saw. It is amazing how the time of year that … Continue reading

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We are Never Truly Alone

We may find ourselves with no one around us, but we are never truly alone. It may seem at times as if we are the only ones going through something, but in reality there are others out there who have … Continue reading

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Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend so we took advantage of it to go on a short hike. This was our first time hiking the Red Rock Canyon Open Space, which is located between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, … Continue reading

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Flying Over Wyoming and Montana

We flew up to Montana for work this week, which we have done about fifty times over the past twenty years. Because we go to Montana on such a frequent basis, we tend not to give much thought to the … Continue reading

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Reaping What You Sow

Some of you may have noticed that we have been a little quiet this week. We moved into our new place in Colorado Springs this past weekend, so we have been busy unpacking boxes and making it feel like home. It … Continue reading

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Nature’s Little Surprises

Whenever we get out into nature, we are often surprised by something unexpected. Sometimes it can be as simple as sighting an unexpected animal, but other times it is something more dramatic. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Surprise, … Continue reading

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