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Do Animals Smile?

Probably anyone who has ever had pets would agree that animals definitely show emotion, but do they smile? One look at animals will remove any doubt as to whether they actually do smile. They most certainly do smile and they … Continue reading

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Getting Above It All

One of the favorite things that we did during our time in Ecuador was to climb up a twelve story tower in the rainforest to watch for wildlife. Like most days that we spent at the Napo Wildlife Center in … Continue reading

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Giant River Otters

When you think of otters, you usually think of cute sea otters playing like puppies in the water. Giant river otters are definitely not as cute, although they do play and wrestle with one another. During our time at the … Continue reading

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Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuador

Volcanoes are a common sight when you visit Ecuador and we decided to visit several of them during our visit. Although many of them are still active, Quilotoa hasn’t erupted for several hundred years. One if its last eruptions was … Continue reading

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Adventure on the Amazon River

Just traveling to and from our lodge in the Amazon was as much of an adventure as the time we spent doing the various tours everyday. After landing at the airport in Coca, we went to the dock where we … Continue reading

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Ecuador – Land of Biodiversity

Ecuador is a country made up of three distinct regions, each with their own opportunities to discover. There is the coastal region, which also includes the Galapagos Islands, the highlands with the Andes mountains and all of the volcanoes, and … Continue reading

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Coming Home, Does it Make You Happy or Sad?

Returning home after a trip is always a mix of emotions, the comfort of being home and sadness to see a journey come to an end. There is definitely a different sense of emotions as you fly home as opposed … Continue reading

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The Black Beaches of Iceland

There was so much spectacular scenery as we drove around the southern and western parts of Iceland. As we drove along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, we really enjoyed seeing the black beaches, which are basically lava flows that extend into the … Continue reading

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Falcon Trail on the Air Force Academy

We decided to hike a trail on the grounds of the Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs. The Falcon Trail is a trail that we have never hiked before and it is a 13 mile loop, but we just … Continue reading

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The Forces of Nature

As you travel and see different parts of the world, seeing the way that nature has shaped the land that we live on is amazing to see. Water shapes the land through erosion both from rivers as well as the … Continue reading

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