Telling a Visual Story

Looking at the Petroglyphs

Throughout time, people have written down their history through the use of symbols and artwork. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words was probably even more true in the days before actual photographs when paintings on the walls of caves represented the lives of the people who lived in them. In today’s world with the internet, emoticons, and the overload of information, we tend to miss the forest for the trees and see life in moments and not as an eternal flow of events. Unfortunately, not enough people take the time to understand the roots of culture, the impact of events in the grand scheme of life, or to even comprehend how we’re all linked together in one way or another.

Hindu Tapestry
Relief Showing a Young Elgiss in Iceland
Church Door in Bolivia
Carvings at Mahabalipuram

The art of telling a historical story has become an exaggerated, thrill-ride, instead of an understanding of what the past means to all of us as we venture forth into the future. All of us who travel with any kind of frequency understand that the world is interconnected in ways that doesn’t expose itself until major events occur. We will continue to look for the patterns of the world and enjoy those visual stories from the past in the places that we visit. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Collage and we chose to share some photos of that capture the stories of different cultures.

Two-Thousand Years of History in One Statue in Koblenz, Germany
Doors of the Baptistery in Florence
The Lennon Wall in Prague

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Time

We gave some thought to the time challenge and what came to our minds was something that lasted throughout time. We considered some ancient ruins, fossils, and statues, but in the end we decided on petroglyphs or cave drawings. Seeing an expression of human existence that has survived the passage of time is awe-inspiring. Knowing that ancient hands took the time to carve their story into stone for future generations to see is truly a wonderful thing.  We also chose a picture that was taken twenty years ago, because what is a photograph if not a moment in time captured.