Watch Your Step

It is hard to avoid steep stairs when traveling and there are times when it is the only way to get to places with amazing views. Especially in historic places that have existed long before modern technologies like elevators, there simply is no choice but to scale the steps as they would have centuries ago. It can be strenuous at times, but the reward at the end is generally worth the effort. Because climbing them can be difficult, we often take photographs of the stairs to remind ourselves later about what we had to do to see the place that we were visiting. Some of them turn out to be interesting photos in and of themselves without having to have had the memory associated with them.

Stairs Inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Hatshepsut’s Temple in Luxor
Frozen Air on Stairs in Romania
Stairs to the Castle in Heidelberg, Germany
Looking Down at the Stairs of the Tower in Lucca
Brisk Climb to the Entrance of a Pyramid in Egypt
Climbing the Stairs in Koblenz, Germany


Weathered Over Time

Wherever we go, we enjoy seeing how nature changes the world that we live in over time. Whether it is water flowing over rocks for years wearing it away until it changes them over time or volcanoes erupting and creating new land where it didn’t exist before, the forces of nature are fascinating to see. These changes can be quite dramatic when viewed from a distance, but even when seen up close the textures reveal the effects of nature. We have chosen a few of our favorite photos that demonstrate the power of rock slides, waterfalls, and volcanic eruptions.

Rocks Smoothed by a Waterfall
Rugged Peaks and Rock Slides
Stones Eroding to Sand
Very Surreal Landscape in La Paz
Lava Field in Iceland


Everyone Loves a Historic Castle

In just about every city in Europe it seems that you will find a palace, cathedral, and a castle. Obviously, these fortifications were an important defense system for the local citizens and for the country as a whole. Although many of them are in various states of disrepair, a majority of them have been restored to their original grandeur. Regardless of their condition, travelers flock to these grand locations and some of them have even been converted into hotels. A few of them have that fairytale feel that create images of princesses meeting their prince charming, but conditions were likely not nearly as nice as the romantic images of films and books.

Lowenburg Castle in Kassel, Germany
Prague Castle Complex from the Bridge
Bran Castle (Castle Dracula)
Heidelberg Castle

Although we certainly have many more castles to visit, we have enjoyed seeing the ones that we have. Just like choosing a favorite location isn’t really possible, we aren’t able to pick our favorite castle. Could it be the first castle we ever visited, Warwick Castle in England, or could it be Bran Castle in Romania with its ties to Dracula? Perhaps Heidelberg Castle in Germany would be our favorite with its idyllic scenery? The Alhambra Palace and Fortress is also something special to see with its Islamic architecture. Whether you have a favorite castle or not, it is likely that you have seen many of them during your travels. Maybe our favorite will be the next one that we discover on a future trip.

Castillo de Alhambra
Warwick Castle Turret
Kilkenny Castle in Ireland
Schloss Stozenfels in Koblenz, Germany
Nuremberg Castle