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Do You Ever Go Back to the Same Location?

One of the challenges for people who love traveling is deciding between going someplace new versus going back to someplace visited before. At first, it seems like a pretty straight forward decision, why not go someplace where you’ve never been? … Continue reading

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How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination?

Deciding where you want to spend your money and time visiting can be one of the more stressful decisions that anyone can make before traveling. There are many ways to make that decision and some of those might be determined … Continue reading

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What is Around the Next Bend?

For good or bad, people have a tendency to focus on what is coming around the next corner. Travelers tend to spend a fair amount of time researching and planning their next adventure, which can be a good thing as … Continue reading

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Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

It is an obvious statement and perhaps just another sign that we’re not as tech savvy as our children’s generation. Or, maybe its just another indication that we’ve been on the planet long enough to see the whole world change. … Continue reading

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