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Hungarian Goulash Stew

We had goulash a couple of different ways when we were in Budapest and neither of them were anywhere close to what we’d eaten before. In Hungary, goulash is actually a soup with beef, potatoes, and carrots in rich broth. … Continue reading

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Asian Inspired Spicy Barbeque Beef

We are always looking for meals that we can cook in a single pot and this one packs a lot of flavor. We chose a chuck roast, but it would be equally good with a beef brisket, but you need … Continue reading

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Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage and Potatoes

Sauerbraten is something that we had several times during our time in Germany. It is basically a pot roast and it is typically served with red cabbage and potatoes. We decided to recreate the Sauerbraten that we ate at a … Continue reading

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The Food of Ecuador

We definitely enjoyed a variety of food during our time in Ecuador. Similar to other places in South America, having both rice and potatoes with a meal was a common occurrence. There was also a variety of seafood and ceviche … Continue reading

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Have You Taken a Cooking Class in a Foreign Country?

We have often heard about people taking cooking classes during their travels, but we have never done that ourselves. We truly enjoy eating like a local and have been trying to replicate some of our favorite meals over the past … Continue reading

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Pork and Potatoes – A Classic Combination

Throughout our time in Europe, we had many different variations of pork and potatoes together. Whether sausages or pork roast, potatoes pair perfectly with any type of pork dish. We decided to take some leftover ham and combine it with … Continue reading

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Delicious Goose Dinner

We were told the other day that it is goose season here in Germany at the moment. We decided to go ahead and have the goose dinner at our local restaurant and we couldn’t have been more pleased. The goose … Continue reading

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Potato Salad – A Summer Favorite

As summer turns up the heat, we cool things down by preparing a nice batch of cold potato salad. It is creamy, refreshing, and can be paired with just about any entrĂ©e. It is also perfect for summer picnics or … Continue reading

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Roasted Leg of Lamb with Gravy

We have very specific meals that we have on special occasions and lamb is our Easter tradition. There is something about having lamb that is very emblematic of the coming of spring to us and we look forward to this … Continue reading

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