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Pork and Potatoes – A Classic Combination

Throughout our time in Europe, we had many different variations of pork and potatoes together. Whether sausages or pork roast, potatoes pair perfectly with any type of pork dish. We decided to take some leftover ham and combine it with … Continue reading

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Steak Braciole

When most people think of Italian food, they generally think of pasta, red sauces, and pizza, but there is much more to the rich gastronomical heritage of Italy. We enjoyed a wonderful variety of food during our time in Italy, … Continue reading

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Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage

One of the things that we enjoyed during our time in Europe was having breakfast at one of the many outdoor cafes. Europeans eat healthier breakfasts than what most restaurants here in the United States serve, so we don’t tend … Continue reading

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Baked Manicotti – Simple and Delicious

Originally posted on livingtheqlife:
Manicotti is one of those meals that is perfect for any occasion and, best of all, it is even better the next day. When we’re looking for a meal that can satisfy our tastes as well…

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The Food of Romania

No matter where we visit, one of the important things for us is to taste the traditional foods of the region. Visiting Romania was no exception and we asked all of the locals that we met what foods we should … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Christmas Cookie

Being here in Germany, away from family and friends, we are missing the normal exchanging of gifts that would normally occur. We decided to do something personal for the friends that we have made since arriving and chose to bake … Continue reading

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Iberian Ham

We had heard quite a bit about how good the Iberian ham was before travelling to the Iberian peninsula. To be honest, we enjoy cured meat, but it isn’t necessarily something we gravitate towards. One of the interesting things that … Continue reading

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Potato Salad – A Summer Favorite

As summer turns up the heat, we cool things down by preparing a nice batch of cold potato salad. It is creamy, refreshing, and can be paired with just about any entrĂ©e. It is also perfect for summer picnics or … Continue reading

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Taco Salad

This is definitely more of an American dish than a Mexican dish, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty. You could almost call it a “nacho salad” instead of a taco salad since we used tortilla chips instead of … Continue reading

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Our Take on Pique Macho

As we mentioned previously, Pique Macho seems to be more of a generalized idea than a specific recipe. With that in mind, we took inspiration from the couple of different variations that we had and came up with our own … Continue reading

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