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Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Walking the streets of Old Town Alexandria was very nostalgic for us and reminded us of walking the streets of old towns in Europe. The history of Old Town Alexandria may not go back as far as those medieval towns, … Continue reading

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Do You Prefer Casual or Fine Dining when Traveling?

Especially when traveling to larger cities, there tend to be an abundance of restaurants to choose from. Although we might select a nicer restaurant for a single night or a special occasion, we typically find more casual restaurants to grab … Continue reading

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Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood in Denver, Colorado

We were spending the weekend in Denver and had heard about a seafood restaurant that was celebrating “Oystoberfest” for the entire month of October. The Blue Island Oyster Bar in the Cherry Creek area of Denver has an excellent happy … Continue reading

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Sampling Food in Steamboat Springs

As per usual, we mostly ate small bites while we were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, over the weekend. There are so many restaurant options and food styles that choosing a restaurant to visit wasn’t easy. When dining in a resort … Continue reading

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A Taste of Las Vegas

As we mentioned before, our latest trip to Las Vegas was really about getting some down time and relaxing. When traveling to Las Vegas, food is always a highlight of any trip and this trip was no different. We went … Continue reading

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Experience Places Through the Food

Now that we are back in the United States, we have been missing all of the food that we experienced during our time in Europe. We are strong advocates of trying a variety of foods when you are travelling, even … Continue reading

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Dining in Würzburg

We mentioned this the other day, but we were very fortunate to find a wonderful little restaurant in Würzburg over the past weekend. We were walking some of the side streets, trying to get away from the larger crowds around … Continue reading

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Plenty of Choices for Food in Denver

Whether on the 16th Street Mall or in the LODO (Lower Downtown) area, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. We’ve said this before, but we are not big eaters. We do, however, like to try a variety of food … Continue reading

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Maximize Your Food Experience

One of the things that we do whenever we travel, whether in state or to another country, is to have appetizers at a couple of different restaurants every night that we’re there.  We’re not big eaters to begin with, so … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vegas

We have a couple of timeshares and last year we had a week that we had to use or we would lose it, so we decided to avoid the normal family drama of the holidays and go to Vegas.  We … Continue reading

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