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The Agora of Athens

Obviously the highlight of any visit to Athens, Greece, probably starts with the Acropolis, but there is so much more to see in this wonderful city. For us, our second favorite location was the Agora of Athens with the Temple … Continue reading

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Images from the Past

Since the dawn of man, cultures have been capturing images of themselves, their gods, and their lives in some form or another. Starting early on with cave drawings and then carving images out of stone. It is an important way … Continue reading

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Exploring the Roman Forum

Located adjacent to the Colosseum are the ruins of the Roman Forum. As with many other ancient ruins, when walking the grounds of the Roman Forum, one can’t help but imagine all of the individuals who influenced the history of the world … Continue reading

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Stepping Back in Time

There is something truly magical about walking through the ruins of an ancient civilization. Perhaps in another life we would have been archeologists, searching for long lost treasures buried by the sands of time. Certainly our trip to Athens was … Continue reading

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Three Days in Athens, Greece

We have had an amazing time over the past eleven days.  Prague was an magical place to spend Christmas and Athens was equally special for New Year’s weekend. One of the things that we didn’t expect was that the entire city … Continue reading

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Climbing to Greater Heights

We’ve walked our fair share of stairs and climbed a few ladders over the years, but they typically lead to something interesting. It is fairly common to elevate those things that deserve to be seen from great distances and it … Continue reading

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From Sun Island to Moon Island

We truly loved visiting the islands of Lake Titicaca.  For this week’s Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind, we chose this photo from Sun Island with Moon Island off in the distance.  We have visited a lot of ruins, … Continue reading

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Incallajta – Bread Basket of the Inca

One of the tours that took while we were in Cochabamba, Bolivia, was to the ruins at Incallajta. They are some of the most well-preserved ruins in Bolivia and it really gives you a sense of how great the Incan … Continue reading

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Tiwanaku – Mystery and Destruction

Walking through the ruins of Tiwanaku brings both a sense of fascination and yearning for more. This once great capital fills you with a sense of mystery, both because of the seemingly impossible building methods used by the inhabitants over … Continue reading

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Bolivia – Land of Untapped Potential

Our trip to Bolivia was one of the most interesting trips that we’ve ever taken and we have a lot of experiences that we want to share. Before we describe each unique adventure that we were able to enjoy, we … Continue reading

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