Mi Teleferico in La Paz, Bolivia

Public transportation using cable cars in the highest capital in the world, La Paz, is certainly quite interesting. When you consider the fact that city is literally built on the sides of a mountain as well as a dense population, getting around the city wasn’t easy until the cable car system was built. Now, instead of winding through narrow streets with steep inclines, people soar over the rooftops to one of the different destinations. There are 3 interconnected lines, just like most transit systems, with red, yellow, and green lines. Although it is a method of transportation that allows citizens to move throughout the city, it is also an incredible way for tourists to truly see this amazing city from a different standpoint.

Colorful Buildings
Riding in the Cable Cars
Rugged Scenery
One of the Few Bridges

During our trip to La Paz, we took a combination of the yellow and green lines as a round trip that let us see a majority of the city. Between all of the lines, there are a total of 11 stations or stops that you can enter or exit from that each head to different areas within the city. The cable cars run between 5:00 am until 10:00 pm and, although we only went during the day, the views would be amazing in the evening as well. One of the things that stands out as you ride above the city is that La Paz is a very colorful city with interesting architectural details.

Interesting Architecture
One of the Green Line Stations
Mountainous Backdrop
City Sprawling Across the Valley

La Paz is certainly an fascinating city with very friendly people and is definitely worth visiting if you are going to Bolivia. If you do visit La Paz, we’d recommend taking time to see the Valley of the Moon in addition to riding on Mi Teleferico as the cable car system is known. Seeing the city from the heights of the cars is certainly one of our favorite memories of our time in Bolivia. We also took a couple of day trips from La Paz to do Death Road as well as went to Tiwanaku, Copacabana, and Lake Titicaca where we went to Sun and Moon Island.

IMGP8659 - Copy
Above the Rooftops
Heading Towards the Station
Great View of La Paz


Sightseeing River Cruises

A great way to see a city from a different perspective is to take a sightseeing river cruise. We have taken several over the years and have enjoyed each of them. We have taken them during the day as well as at night when the city is lit up, but our preference is to take them during the day. Our very first sightseeing trip of a city from the river was in Paris, France, and it gave us wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower. Another one of our favorite tours was an architectural tour of Chicago done from the waterways. For this week’s Cee’s Which Way Challenge, we are sharing some photos of our favorite river cruises.

Eiffel Tower from the Seine
Amsterdam Canal Tours
Architectural River Tour in Chicago
Holiday Light Tour in Strasbourg
Touring Prague
Enjoying the Views of Paris
Chicago Tour
Strasbourg at Sunset
Wonderful Tour in Prague
Amsterdam by Water

Getting Around with a View

Cable cars are a great mode of transportation, especially when you need to scale great heights over difficult terrain. Not only does it provide a much easier way to reach difficult destinations, but it also usually provides spectacular views. Whether taking a car to reach the top of a mountain in order to go skiing or just to see the gorgeous vistas. We have taken cable cars on three different continents and the experiences are all very similar. So, for this week’s Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge, we are sharing images of several different cable car experiences. Enjoy the view 😀!

Soaring above La Paz
Crossing the River in Koblenz
Beaver Creek Colorado
The Top of the Rock of Gibraltar
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Passing Another Car