The World Outside of Your Window

One of the things that we often do is to take photos from our hotel room whenever we visit a new city. It is partially about capturing our first experience as we arrive someplace, but there are times when it is simply that there can be great views from hotel rooms. Obviously we don’t spend a lot of time in our hotel room as we want to spend as much time actually visiting the city, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the time that we do spend in our room. We will often start our day and end our day by looking out of the window to see the weather, enjoy the view, our sometimes see a sunset. The views can be vastly different based upon the places that you are visiting, whether it is a beach, major city, or rural location. For this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, Windows, we are sharing some of the varieties of views we have seen during our recent journeys. Do you take photos out of the windows of the places that you stay?

Water Towers and Skyscrapers from Hotel in New York
View from Our Room in Nuremburg, Germany
Fountain at Night from Our Room in Rome
Courtyard Outside of Our Hotel in Brasov, Romania
View of Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, Bolivia

The World Outside of Your Window

It is fair to say that over the past few months, the view outside of our window has changed on a weekly basis. Often, just for ourselves, we will take photos from our hotel room or even through the windows of some historic location that we are visiting. For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, Inner and Outer, we decided to revisit a few of these images. There are some definite variations of looking out upon the world that surrounds us. In some ways, it reminds us that we simply need to step through the threshold and seek the world and it will open itself before your very eyes.

A View from inside a Fortress Church in Romania
Barred Window
View from Our Window in Paris this Weekend
Open Windows
A Closer View – From Our Window the Bear Looking inside of a Window


Windows to Another World

We have seen many beautiful windows throughout the years, from the stained glass of cathedrals to the shimmering windows of modern skyscrapers. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Windows, so we decided to use some photos that we have taken in the past few weeks. Obviously the beautiful windows that adorn the cathedrals and churches throughout the world deserve special attention as the details are spectacular, but there is something special about a reflection in the windows of a modern building climbing towards the heavens that deserves equal attention. We have chosen a photo from here in Frankfurt that we took on our way to the train station where the sky was amazing and the windows captured it perfectly. If you look closely, you can even imagine the tower as a candle with a flame glowing from its rooftop.

Sunrise on the Windows
Sunrise on the Windows

We found the chocolates in Vienna to be very special and this window is a tribute to children around the world dreaming of a confectioners fantasy.

Chocolate Store Window in Vienna, Austria
Chocolate Store Window in Vienna, Austria

Stained glass windows from the Dom in Cologne

So Many Amazing Windows
So Many Amazing Windows

Reflections on the windows of a tower in Vienna, Austria.

Reflections of Vienna
Reflections of Vienna

Finally, a view looking out of the windows during our tour of the Lindt chocolate museum in Cologne.

Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain