Climbing to the Summit of Pikes Peak

One of the most difficult hikes that we have ever done was our hike from the base of Pikes Peak to the summit. The entire hike is over twelve miles and has an elevation gain of over 7,000 feet (2,100 meters) to the peak, which is at 14,114 (4,301 meters). It certainly is not a hike for novices and was very much a challenge for us and we hike on a routine basis. Barr trail starts in the town of Manitou Springs and quickly ascends into the Pike National Forest. It was important to time when we did the hike because even in the middle of summer it can snow on the top of Pikes Peak, so we hiked in August on a day when we knew that the temperatures would be fine at the base as well as the summit.


Early in the Hike


Sign on Barr Trail, about 3 miles into the hike


View of Pikes Peak from Barr Trail


Lower Barr Trail

The hardest part of the trail was when we reached the tree line at 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) and the air thins out. The Summit House sits on top of Pikes Peak and is a restaurant and souvenir shop, which is visible from the base on a clear day. Once you reach the tree line, the point where the air is too thin for plants to grow, the Summit House seems like it should be close, but it is still a couple of hours away. The total hike took us about 8 hours, although we took our time and paced ourselves.


Steep Hike at Points


Barr Trail at Tree Line


So Close and Yet So Far


View from Barr Trail, Garden of the Gods at the Base of the Mountain

For this week’s Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge, we thought that we would share a few photos from that strenuous hike. As we prepare to return to South America and hike in the Andes Mountains, our minds have returned to this hike several times.


Sign for the Summit


Middle of the Hike


Standing on Top of Pikes Peak


We Were Exhausted When We Reached the Summit

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10 Responses to Climbing to the Summit of Pikes Peak

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I’ve been there many times. 😀

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  2. sankj123 says:

    We drove there last year, and now I want to hike up! Did you hike down? If not, how did you get back to your car?

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  3. Good for you. I love the stretch above tree line best, it has such incredible views.

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  4. HikingWoman says:

    What an amazing hike. I guess it is one more I need to add to my list. I drove to the top not long ago and when I was a kid I took the Cog Railway.

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  5. Swan Tours says:

    Nice Blog….keep it up!!

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