Airport Parking is Outrageous!

We are heading up to Denver this afternoon in preparation for our flight to Quito, Ecuador, tomorrow. We almost always stay at a hotel in order to save on the cost of parking. This was a post that we previously shared regarding using hotels to avoid airport parking fees.

Living The Q Life

We’re not sure if it is just because we live in Colorado where there isn’t a good public transportation system.  Or whether it is because everyone is spread so far out that they have to drive to the airport, but the parking prices to leave your car at the airport for seven days is astronomical.  We’ve found a trick to save ourselves a little money and make flying out of Denver a little easier.  Instead of parking our car at the airport, we spend the night prior to our flight at one of the airport hotels.  Many of the hotels offer seven days of free parking if you spend a night.  Sometimes they charge an additional $10 for the parking, but some, like the Embassy Suites, do not.

Open Bar Open Bar

Free Appetizers Free Appetizers

A one night stay at the hotel is much cheaper than what the airport charges for parking.  In addition, if…

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5 Responses to Airport Parking is Outrageous!

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Yes! Even in the Northeast we found this to be true.

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  2. travelgarb says:

    That sounds like a great airport hotel! Public transport to our local airport for all the family works out at about 1 day airport parking charge, so we usually do that. If we have a morning flight from an airport further afield, we have used airport hotels for convenience and to save on parking charges. I wish they were as good as yours though!

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  3. Have fun in Ecuador. I look forward to your future posts about your trip.

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  4. For longer trips we prefer to rent a car one way….the parking fees here in the northeast are very high. Thanks for the tip for shorter trips.

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  5. zobelloindia says:

    Actually i am not aware to all these things, well good information. Thanks

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