Airport Parking is Outrageous!

We are heading up to Denver this afternoon in preparation for our flight to Quito, Ecuador, tomorrow. We almost always stay at a hotel in order to save on the cost of parking. This was a post that we previously shared regarding using hotels to avoid airport parking fees.

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5 Responses to Airport Parking is Outrageous!

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Yes! Even in the Northeast we found this to be true.

  2. travelgarb says:

    That sounds like a great airport hotel! Public transport to our local airport for all the family works out at about 1 day airport parking charge, so we usually do that. If we have a morning flight from an airport further afield, we have used airport hotels for convenience and to save on parking charges. I wish they were as good as yours though!

  3. Have fun in Ecuador. I look forward to your future posts about your trip.

  4. For longer trips we prefer to rent a car one way….the parking fees here in the northeast are very high. Thanks for the tip for shorter trips.

  5. zobelloindia says:

    Actually i am not aware to all these things, well good information. Thanks

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