We Have Arrived Back in Cairo

After a busy day in Aswan, we flew back to Cairo yesterday so that we could spend a full day in Giza. We have already realized that we have barely scratched the surface of what Egypt has to offer that a return trip is definitely in order. Our trip is close to coming to an end, but not without making friends as well as memories.


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16 Responses to We Have Arrived Back in Cairo

  1. Miha Ella says:

    I am dreaming to visit Giza since long ago but i am concerned about safety. Did u feel safe to travel there?

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  2. Magnificent! As moderns, we stand on the shoulders of the ancients.

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  3. Jonno says:

    Looks like the trip has been a raging success, the photos are absolutely great.

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  4. Zoe | Together In Transit says:

    It sure doesn’t look very busy in your photos! Ooh I can’t wait to visit in October I already want to start packing!!

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  5. travellikeme says:

    Great work guys..love to read you blogs..can I ask a question?

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  6. How do you recommend getting to these ancient sites? Did you hire a guide, or go your own way?

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